How Can I Create and Submit a Distribution Order?

Now, as a premium option, you have the choice to deliver your Material through The Library by selecting Clearcast as your distribution partner. To do this, you'll need to first make sure that your Material has been uploaded, passed QC, and been cleared/sent for clearance. 

Creating a Distribution Order

First go to the 'Distribution Order's tab in the left-hand menu on The Library. Then 'Create New Order' in the top right.

This takes you through to the new order form. Complete all fields (air date, job number and purchase order number are optional).

If you leave the ‘single Campaign’ toggle off, you can select any Material created under any owning team, which you can select in the ‘owning team’ dropdown; if you toggle on ‘single Campaign’, this will restrict Materials in this order to be from the same Campaign.

Adding Materials to Order

To add items to your distribution order, go to your order and click on 'Add to Order.' From there, you can choose the Material you want to add to the order, select your distributor, and specify the destinations you'll be delivering the Material to. Make sure to choose Clearcast as your distributor. If you prefer to use a different organisation, please reach out to them directly. 

You can add more Materials to this order using the same process as above. 

Submitting Your Order

Once you're ready to submit your order and its Material(s) for delivery to broadcasters through your chosen delivery provider, please click the ‘submit’ button on the top right of the page. This will lock in your order and begin the sending process.

You can see the status of your delivery in the order status where it will go from grey 'Pending' to green 'Complete.' We deliver usually within 15 minutes - we do not hold onto copy or charge for faster delivery. In very rare instances you may see an 'Error' status - please contact the helpdesk straightaway if you see this. 

Please note that a distribution order will not be processed if any of the Materials within that order has failed any of the QC checks.