The Library - Full Technical Spec Download

This document outlines the required audio, video, and structural specifications of Materials submitted to the Clearcast Library. It contains a breakdown of all the elements required for a Material to pass QC and documents what specifications are tested at each QC step.  

This document is intended as a guide only for the export of content from Media Encoder. Suppliers should perform their own encoding tests and QC to verify final settings achieve the required specification and level of quality.

PLEASE NOTE: We require either a 0 second or 5 second freeze at the end of all materials. 

Download here: Clearcast Library Technical Specification Guide v1.4.pdf

At-a-glance Library Technical Specification:

Video QC requirements

Colour Space: ITU-R BT.709 

RGB Gamut: EBU R103 

PSE Check: ITU-R BT1702 

Audio QC requirements

Integrated Loudness: EBU R128 -23dbLUFS 

Peak Level: -1dbTP 

Phase Coherence: Mean Phase must not be below -0.95 


Timings of a Commercial: 

With a five-second freeze:

With a zero-second freeze: