Understanding Subtitling Options in The Library

Ordering subtitles via The Library

The Library allows for the direct ordering of subtitles from any integrated subtitling provider. With a user-friendly dropdown menu, you can easily choose from a variety of of suppliers. If you wish to nominate a specific provider, simply contact us and we can manage the deal for you.

Please note that if you select either Clearcast or Zoo to do your subtitles, you will be sent an invoice for this service

More information on our subtitling service is available to view here. For additional information and pricing details, please contact subtitles@clearcast.co.uk.

Subtitles toggle

The 'subtitles' toggle in The Library serves two key functions:

  1. Accessibility reporting 
    1. Simply toggle off if you aren’t subtitling your ads.
    2. If you’re planning to subtitle your content, then select your ‘subtitle distribution provider’. A 'subtitle distribution provider' is the company that is distributing your content to the stations. 
  2. Ordering subtitles via The Library
    1. Selecting Clearcast as your ‘subtitle distribution provider' means that you are subtitling your content via The Library, and there is a cost to this.
    2. Then select your 'subtitle provider' from the dropdown, and The Library does the rest.

When using subtitling services in The Library, it's crucial to discern between a ‘subtitle distribution provider’ and a ‘subtitle provider’ to make informed decisions about your choices and their implications.

Subtitle distribution provider

The 'subtitle distribution provider' is responsible for delivering your content to broadcasters.

Choosing Clearcast as your 'subtitle distribution provider' enables seamless integration with The Library platform, simplifying the process of ordering subtitles.

Subtitle provider

A 'subtitle provider' is a company that offers subtitling services on The Library platform, making it easier to order subtitles.

If you wish to nominate a specific provider not listed, you can reach out to Clearcast, and they can handle the arrangement on your behalf. 

Understanding your choices

Choosing Clearcast to provide and distribute your subtitles via The Library allows for seamless integration with your ad clearance workflow, as you can order directly within the platform.

For accessibility reporting, selecting a specific subtitle distribution provider outside of the integrated options can offer more flexibility and customisation. This approach may work well for users who have specific needs or established relationships in place.

Ultimately, your choice of subtitle provider or distribution method depends on your specific needs, preferences, and existing partnerships. Whether you select an integrated provider or nominate your preferred supplier, Clearcast is committed to supporting you in ensuring your subtitles meet industry standards and your specific requirements.