The Library Glossary


A Campaign is used to collate multiple Materials into a single area on The Library. If Materials belong to the same Campaign, they are most likely edits of a particular ad, or fall under the same advertiser/brand. The Campaigns functionality can be used to group Materials so that it’s easy to coordinate and work on multiple Materials at once.  


Material is a singular video file that would be uploaded for clearance and/or delivery. The Material would be a submission containing the video file, Material information, and Clearance information if applicable. 

When creating a new Material, you will come across some of our new features.

Historic Material

The historic Material toggle should be enabled when you are submitting Material that has already been cleared on CopyCentral.


The Library captures whether the Material is or will be subtitled. This can be managed via the platform or downstream of the clearance process.

Intentionally Quiet

A key component of the new HD Standard is the introduction of an exceptions process for intentionally quiet content. This will enable producers to deliver creatively quiet content that does not meet the normal EBU R128 Target Level, a key aspect of the R128 recommendation for short-form content. It also includes requirements for Short-Term Loudness, which further aligns with the EBU R128 recommendation. When creating your Material, you'll need to toggle on the 'intentionally quiet' button if your ad is intentionally quiet. If your ad is not intentionally quiet, then selecting it could mean it is inaudible on TV and it will not be checked.

Audio description (AD)

Audio description is an audio track that narrates the relevant visual information in media. AD assumes that the viewer cannot see and therefore depicts the key visual elements that are necessary to understand the content for blind and low vision viewers. By selecting AD, the file uploaded to The Library will contain AD tracks.


A Team on the system is a grouping of selected users under an organisation. An organisation would use a Team to submit Campaigns/Materials and any user that has access to this team will have access to the content. All organisations start with a default Team that everyone has access to and, if they wish, their admin can create additional Teams to submit certain content. This is an effective way to manage content and permissions for certain users under an organisation on the platform.  

With this function, you can:

  • Name a Team after the client or Campaign they are working on.
  • Share a Team with a posthouse and assign them an ‘uploader’ role so they can upload your files.
  • Share a Team with a trafficking/TV admin agency so they can handle the clearance process.
  • Share a Team with a client/advertiser without allocating them roles, so they can only view (and not edit) their content.

View your teams

From your dashboard, you have the capability to view teams that you are a part of.

Selecting ‘View your team’ will highlight what access you have.


The photosensitive epilepsy test ensures that the video Material has no flashing images or regular patterns which could trigger a failure in this test, causing potential seizures for epileptic viewers. This test ensures the Material uploaded conforms to Ofcom’s guidelines surrounding this test. 

Clearance Information 

The clearance information field will display the current status of your Material (if submitted for Clearance) and also you have access to the clearance information in the platform enabling user to see restrictions & presentations that get applied to it. 

File Downloads 

This section contains links to download the original source file uploaded, a CopyCentral proxy (which automatically gets uploaded to CopyCentral if submitted for clearance), and a Library proxy version.