Clearance FAQs

How do I get my ad cleared? 

Clearance is a three stage process across two platforms: CopyCentral and The Library, both of which you will need logins for. All stages must be completed, even if your ad is already made.


  1. Log into CopyCentral here, click the ‘forgotten password’ link to create your own unique password. (CopyCentral user guides are linked at the bottom of this email.)
  2. Submit a script of the ad.
  3. Our script template can be found here, alongside our other forms.
  4. Additionally submit any supporting data which supports any claims within your script (we’ll let you know if we need any more evidence from you after looking at the script.)
  5. We aim to feedback to you in three days after receiving a script or supporting data.
  6. On average script approval takes two weeks. The longer you leave for clearance the better.
  7. Once your script is approved, move onto Stage Two.


  1. Create a new submission for Stage Two on CopyCentral.
  2. Submit a rough cut version of the ad.
  3. On average approval takes two working days if you’ve stuck to the approved script and there aren’t any technical problems with the upload.
  4. Once your rough cut is approved, move onto Stage Three.


  1. Login into the Library here and downloaded the app on your device.
  2. You will need to use the multi-factor authentication to login.
  3. Create a new ‘campaign’ and within this create a new ‘material’.
  4. Submit a final clocked version of the ad.
  5. On average approval takes two working days.
  6. Once your clocked ad is approved, you ad is now cleared! You will see the approval on both CopyCentral and The Library. You can now deliver your ad to the stations you’ve booked airtime with.

How do I sign up for clearance?

If your company hasn't used Clearcast before just fill in and return our registration form.

If your company has already signed up to CopyCentral and/or The Library, then they will have a super-user who is responsible for setting up new users. Email if you want help on finding out who your agency super-users are. 

Getting in touch with us

Who should we contact if we have an ad query?

Your Clearcast contact is the best person to assist you. You will be assigned a contact when you register with us which will be sent in an email. If your contact is on annual leave or ill from the office, their work will be covered, and so contact us to find out who you can speak to in the meantime. 

If you are looking for technical help, such as needing help with uploading onto CopyCentral or the Library, or wanting further clarification of failed transcode or QC, please contact the helpdesk.

Getting a script or ad cleared

How much does it cost to clear an ad?


Clearances are free, as long as: 

Teleshopping ads longer than five minutes are charged at standard rates. We charge for other adverts on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to clear an ad?

It depends on how complex the ad is, but we always aim to meet our service levels.

Typically, the rule of thumb is to leave as much time as possible for clearance and also provide us with substantiation/evidence for claims ahead of being asked. However, for a more accurate timeframe, depending on the complexity of your ad, the average approval time is between two – three weeks. We will be able to give you a much better timeframe after we have a finalised script and all of your substantiation.

Do you need Clearcast approval for VOD?

No, Clearcast approval is not required for Video on Demand (VOD) advertising in the UK. However, VOD ads must comply with the same advertising regulations and standards as broadcast ads. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is responsible for regulating all advertising in the UK, including VOD advertising.

Which broadcasters does Clearcast clear ads for?

Clearcast is owned and funded by the major UK broadcasters, which means we only clear ads to be aired by those broadcasters. See the channels for which we clear ads.

Does Clearcast clear ads for other broadcasters?

We are happy to offer our services to broadcasters wishing to use them. Email to discuss if you are a broadcaster wanting to use our clearance services. 

How do we check the progress of our ad or script in clearance?

Depending on whether you have submitted your script, rough cut, or clocked ad, you will have submitted it to either CopyCentral (for your script or rough cut) or The Library (for your clocked/final ad). On either one, you will be able to see the stage of your file.

On CopyCentral, you will see: 

  • With Clearcast means the submission is currently in your contact's inbox, awaiting their attention.
  • Pending means your contact has considered the script and has placed comments on CopyCentral that require your attention.

On The Library, you will see: 

  • Your material pass from red (either QC has failed or the video file still needs uploading) to grey (performing QC on the material) and green (passed QC and uploaded).
  • If you have chosen to submit your ad for clearance, you will see at the top of your material page, by the clock number, grey text that reads 'not submitted for clearance', 'submitted for clearance' or 'clearance granted.'
  • Once clearance has been granted, scroll to the bottom of your specific material (past the QC results) to find details of any restrictions or clearance information Clearcast has provided. 

Our clearance request requires a consultant's input. How long will it take?

When input from a specialist consultant is required, we do our best to work with them as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes up to two weeks or so. However, this does depend on the how complex the issue is and how complete your supporting evidence is.

Key advertising rules


What is a timing restriction and why has our ad been given one?

Timing restrictions help make sure an advert is only shown at a time that is appropriate to its content.

For instance, some ads may only be shown outside programmes that are mainly watched by children - others may only be shown after the adult watershed.

Some ads are given a 'post 1930' restriction. This is often applied to ads that contain moderate references to sex, violence or harmful behaviour.

Learn more about timing restrictions

Our ad has been restricted to 'ex-kids'. What does this mean?

'Ex-kids' or 'PK' means that the ad will not be broadcast before, after or during children's programmes. These include both programmes aimed specifically at children, and those with a high proportion of child viewers.

This is not a timing restriction. It just applies to the type of programme being broadcast.

For more advice about the ex-kids restriction, please get in touch with your Clearcast contact.