Vidchecker QC Failure - Audio Loudness (R128)

As of August 2010, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) published the first version of its Loudness Recommendation EBU R128, which instructs broadcasters on how to measure and normalise Loudness across programming and advertising. This uses Loudness Meters instead of only using Peak Meters (PPM), which creates a more accurate result. 

With this in mind, The Library ensures that every TVC it clears passes within this Loudness Recommendation as part of the Vidchecker QC, which is a specialised algorithm that checks various technical and standardised video elements. If your file fails this Vidchecker QC because it does not meet the require Loudness value, you will see a message like the below:

The below screenshot shows more detail of how this range is too high to pass the Integrated Audio Loudness (measured in LUFS/LKFS). Please get your editing team to amend accordingly. When any QC on The Library fails, including Vidchecker, you can reupload the edited version to the same material without needing to reclock your TVC.