Longform Teleshopping Ad Clearance

Learn how to submit teleshopping ads for clearance

Teleshopping ads tend to differ in nature and length from other adverts, so we handle them slightly differently.

If you need to know about Clearcast and teleshopping or specific advice in contentious areas, please reach out to the teleshopping team at teleshopping@clearcast.co.uk

Submitting a teleshopping ad

The process for submitting a teleshopping ad is very similar to that of other ads. You should submit the ad's script, rough cut, and supporting materials via CopyCentral

Important to note: if your TVC/final clocked ad is under five minutes long, please submit it through The Library. For longer ads, submit them on CopyCentral. If you have any questions about which platform you should be using for your TVC, contact help@clearcast.co.uk.

If you're adapting a foreign advert, please send us a script rather than a video. This makes it easier to enter subsequent revisions into the system.

For teleshopping ads containing claims, please use our standard claims support form to substantiate these claims.

Claims support forms can be found here.

How we handle teleshopping ads

Teleshopping ads typically have longer turnaround times compared to other ads under our standard service levels. The longest ads can take up to 12 working days. Refer to our response times for details.

If your ad is longer than 5 minutes, then there will be a clearance charge:

  • For a new submission, you will be charged £600.
    This covers subsequent changes to phone numbers and website addresses, but does not cover other changes.
  • For revisions, you will be charged £150.
    This covers changes to the submitted ad's duration or the products offered.
  • We’ll tell you if you need to pay a charge once we’ve received your ad via CopyCentral.