A central, secure system for booking and managing TV campaigns

CARIA® is a secure online platform that allows buying agencies to send their campaign approvals to sales houses. Effectively, CARIA® is used to book airtime for ads that have received approval.

Creative agencies can also use CARIA® to detail the specific copy and rotations to be used with each booking.

Clearcast commissions the CARIA® service on behalf of the TV industry in the UK and Ireland. CARIA® is free for buying and creative agencies to use.

Clearcast also provides the CARIA® Agency link which enables data entered in CARIA® to be downloaded and then transferred to Mediaocean. This saves time previously spent rekeying and reduces the risks of error in data entry. The CARIA® Agency link is a chargeable service; the price will vary according to number of approvals by the buying agency.

What can CARIA® do?

  • Process media booking requests and confirmations, without relying on fax, email or spreadsheets.
  • Share information between stakeholders, including agencies, sales and operations teams.
  • Deliver specific copy instructions to be used with specific media bookings.
  • Track changes to campaigns, making it easier to update and manage edits and updates
  • Transfer data directly into agency finance and billing systems like Mediaocean — no manual entry required. This is a chargeable service.

To learn more about CARIA® or get information about training on the system, please contact David Joel at Clearcast on 0207 339 4700 or email david.joel@clearcast.co.uk 

To sign up for the CARIA® Agency link please contact Danny Turner at Clearcast on 0207 339 4770.