We offer a range of optional ad delivery-related services. This includes delivery of your ads, subtitle services, and our well-established TV Admin service.


We offer optional ad delivery alongside other integrated providers to broadcaster destinations through The Clearcast Library.

What is The Clearcast Library and how will it help me?

The Clearcast Library is a centralised repository of final clocked, broadcast-quality TV and VOD ads that feeds into Clearcast's CopyCentral system for final clearance. The asset will be fully QC’d for broadcast and offers an alternative delivery and subtitling workflow, increasing the speed and efficiencies of getting your ads to air.

Using the latest media technologies, it will deliver automated workflows, guaranteed regulatory and technical compliance, simple re-delivery, enhanced metadata, and real-time dashboards.

Broadcast-ready videos will be used for clearance, so the content cleared is always the content aired, saving you time down the line. With The Library, you can upload an asset once and never have to touch it again.

Watch our video introducing the service.

Please email with any questions and for pricing options.

More info: Delivery | Clearcast