Fast Track

Speed is of the essence in TV advertising. Our 24-hour feedback service can make all the difference when you need a quick turnaround.

Here at Clearcast we know that the agencies we work with are generally happy with the time we take to provide feedback on submissions. Nevertheless, we know that speed is of the essence in the hectic world of advertising. Over the years we’ve had requests from agencies to consider starting up a Fast Track service. So…here it is!

If you use Clearcast’s Fast Track service, then you're guaranteed to receive feedback on a submission within 1 working day. That means that if you send us a submission at 3pm on Tuesday, you'll have feedback by 3pm on Wednesday. If you send us a submission at 3pm on Friday, you'll have feedback by 3pm on the following Monday.

 The cost to Fast Track a submission (script or video) is £550+VAT.

Some submissions with certain types of claim or which raise contentious points could require further discussion within Clearcast or with an external technical consultant. Therefore not all submissions will be suitable for Fast Track feedback, but we will assess any submission and let you know. There will be no charge if it's decided that a submission is not suitable for Fast Track, and the work will be transferred to your usual Clearcast contact for handling in the normal way.

Fast Track submissions will be directly handled by the Clearcast Fast Track Manager rather than an agency’s usual Clearcast contact.

It's important to note that to get the ad cleared, the usual Clearcast requirements apply. The wording of claims and the substantiation for them will be examined, and potential issues will be flagged up. Clearance of any ad will be dependent on it complying with the relevant advertising rules.

Submissions can be Fast Tracked at any point – script, rough cut, or final clock – even if previous stages have been completed without Fast Track. Payment is once per ad – so if you have already paid to have a Fast Track script approved, there is no further cost to Fast Track the video as well. Bulk discounts may be possible depending on the nature of the submissions.

To learn more about Fast Track, contact the Fast Track Manager, Matthew Stevens, on 020 7339 4777 or email him on

When creating a submission, you can either select ‘Fast Track script’ or ‘Fast Track video’. The submission will automatically appear in the Fast Track manager’s inbox, making the process smoother for agencies and Clearcast.

“The speed and service of Fast Track made a potential week from hell, a massive amount easier!” – Dan, Saatchi & Saatchi – March 2020

If you need to use our Clearance or Development services out of office hours (weeknights from 6pm and weekends) our Clearcast Out-Of-Hours service is available – read more here.

Full Terms & Conditions are available here.

More info here: Fast Track | Clearcast