Legal Supers Text Size

Is your ad’s small print big enough? Check with our test card

If you're creating an advert that includes superimposed text — often called legal supers or small print — it’s important that the text is large enough to be read clearly on screen. 

Legal text should be written with standard English punctuation.

Punctuation shows how the sentence should be read and makes the meaning clear. Every sentence should include at least a capital letter at the start, and a full stop, exclamation mark, or question mark at the end. This basic system indicates that the sentence is complete.

To make sure that your legal supers meet all size requirements, download our free testcard here.

Height of text

Text size is the vertical height of the text measured in terms of the number of television lines it occupies. We've created a Test Card that helps you easily see if your supers are the right height.

You can also get information about how to use a test card below. If you have any questions, please speak to your Clearcast contact.

How to Use the Clearcast Testcard

For ease of reference, here are the minimum height guidelines set by BCAP.

 4:3 aspect ratio Standard Definition (SDTV16:9 aspect ratio SDTV16:9 aspect ratio HDTV
Preferred minimum text height14 lines16 lines30 lines
Minimum text height (when on opaque single coloured block with margin around text)12 lines14 lines26 lines