Maintenance & Support Services

  • Without limiting Clearcast's other notice obligations under this Agreement, Clearcast shall, to the extent practicable, provide reasonable prior written notice to the Customer of scheduled Maintenance Services that are likely to affect the availability of the Hosted Services or are likely to have a material adverse effect on the Hosted Services. 
  • Customers may utilise a helpdesk that Clearcast will make accessible to them to seek and, when appropriate, receive support services. Customers are not permitted to use the helpdesk for any other reasons. Our Help Centre can be found at
  • Any requests for Support Services made by the Customer through the helpdesk shall receive a prompt response from Clearcast. 
  • The Hosted services will have security features that comply with industry best practises, and the Hosted Services will be largely (but not entirely) free of Hosted Services Defects.
  • The helpdesk is available 24/7, 365 days a year contact information
  • The Customer acknowledges that complex software is never wholly free from defects, errors, and bugs; and subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, Clearcast gives no warranty or representation that the Hosted Services will be wholly free from defects, errors, and bugs. 
    The Customer understands that the Hosted Services are only intended to work with the software and systems listed as compatible in the Hosted Services Specification. Clearcast makes no guarantees or representations regarding the compatibility of the Hosted Services with any other software or systems. 
  • The Hosted services application availability uptime for the month is 99.9% 
  • The Hosted services have average delivery time of 60 mins for short form content.