TV Admin

We can manage the complete end-to-end process for you or help with your admin, international clearances, copy instructions and ad deliveries

Everyone needs an extra hand sometimes, especially in the pressurised ad industry. Get help with your day-to-day admin, international clearances, and deliveries from our TV Admin experts. Because we work with agencies, broadcasters, and advertisers across the UK, we can bring a broad range of experience into your organisation. For instance, we can help with:

  • International (including UK) ad compliance management
  • Delivery/copy rotations
  • Transcription, subtitling and translation
  • Artist sourcing
  • Song searches
  • Music rights negotiations

We’re flexible and available when you need us. If you’re struggling to manage your workload or need assistance in a specific area, just pick up the phone.

“Danny was utterly fantastic. He was so proactive and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend working with him.” – Natasha, Light Creative 

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This is a premium service. For more information, please email our Business Affairs Manager, Danny Turner, or drop him a line on 020 7339 4770.