Safe Areas Guidance

Safe Areas refer to the area within your file that is considered ‘safe’, as in it will be definitely visible no matter the viewer’s screen dimensions or size. You should endeavour to make sure everything essential in your ad (including graphics, supers, and action) is within this safe area, otherwise it risks being cut off when actually broadcast.

Please note that Clearcast does not check safe areas during the clearance process. When you are creating your final clocked ad for submission, it's your responsibility to make sure that all necessary components are within the safe area.

The ASA recommends that all ‘essential action’ – anything you definitely want the viewer to see, including graphics and supers – should fall within the 16:9 action safe area, as depicted below.

Most programmes and broadcasters use the 16:9 aspect ratio. While some broadcasters may require a 4:3 safe area for end credits or for programmes distributed internationally, adverts for UK television should only adhere to the 16:9 safe areas.