The Library User Guides

Below is a selection of short visual guides to help you navigate The Library system. If you would prefer to watch walkthrough videos, click here.   

LOGIN GUIDE - Login Guide.pdf

A guide on logging into the Library for the first time. 

USING AN MFA - Using an MFA.pdf

A guide to using a Multi-Factor Authentication app, which is a required security step for logging into The Library. 

CAMPAIGNS GUIDE - Campaigns Guide.pdf

A guide to creating and managing a campaign in The Library. All related materials (scripts, rough cuts, TVCs) sit within a campaign.   

MATERIALS GUIDE - Materials Guide.pdf

A guide to creating, editing  and monitoring the status of materials (scripts, rough cuts, TVCs) in The Library.

MY ORGANISATION GUIDE - My Organisation Guide.pdf

A guide to managing your organisation within The Library, including your teams, users, campaigns, and materials. 

TEAMS GUIDE - Teams Guide.pdf

A guide to using Teams within The Library and tips for maximising productivity and collaboration.  

DISTRIBUTION GUIDE - Distribution Guide.pdf

A guide to creating a distribution order in The Library if you have chosen Clearcast Delivery as your preferred provider. Please note, not all delivery providers are integrated into the system yet. If your preferred provider isn’t integrated, you'll need to go through them directly via their own platform.

If you have any questions about using The Library, please contact us:

PHONE: 020 7339 4780