The Library User Guides

Please find various Library User Guide Documents collected below. 

LOGIN GUIDE - Login Guide.pdf

A guide on logging into the Library for the first time. 

USING AN MFA - Using an MFA.pdf

A guide on using Multi-Factor Authentication, which is now a required security step for logging onto the Library. 

CAMPAIGNS GUIDE - Campaigns Guide.pdf

A guide on creating and managing a campaign on the Library, to which you can add materials for clearance and delivery. 

MATERIALS GUIDE - Materials Guide.pdf

A guide on creating materials (i.e. adverts) on the Library, editing them and monitoring them, and sending them for clearance. 

MY ORGANISATION GUIDE - My Organisation Guide.pdf

A guide on managing your organisation on the Library, including your teams, users, campaigns and materials. 

TEAMS GUIDE - Teams Guide.pdf

A guide on using teams within the Library, including the benefits and ways to use them to maximise agency productivity and collaboration. 

DISTRIBUTION GUIDE - Distribution Guide.pdf

A guide on creating a distribution order on the Library, if you are using Clearcast as your chosen distributer. Please note, not all providers may be integrated yet. If your desired provider isn’t integrated on the Library, you will need to go through them directly via their own platform.

If you have any questions, whether you are looking for further clarity on any of the above or if you are concerned about something not covered in the above, please contact us via the helpdesk. 

PHONE: 020 7339 4780