How Long Should it Take to Upload My Video?

On The Library, we expect a file (that is broadcast master quality) to upload onto The Library within 4 minutes. Please make sure to not change your Wi-Fi/internet connection while the video is uploading, or to refresh or close the browser page. If you do lose connection or leave the window, you'll need to reupload. 

If your upload is taking longer than this, this will be down to your internet speed or connection. For example, you might encounter different upload times at different locations (like home Wi-Fi versus office Ethernet connection). 

For example: 

On an 80 Mbit/s Wi-Fi connection, a 500Mb file (a 20-second video) will take around a minute to upload. A 1000Mb file (a 60-second video) will take around 1 minute 37 seconds on the same connection. 

To find your internet connection speed, please run a speed test: