What Metadata for a TVC Does The Library Need?

When submitting for clearance through The Library, you'll need to provide the following information: 

  • ACCESSIBILITY DETAILS (including Subtitling requirements and Audio Description information)
  • FINAL CLEARANCE SUBMISSION METADATA (including: Scripts, Substantiation if needed, Artists, and Music details) 

When to input the metadata

When first creating your material, you'll input your clock number, title, duration, subtitle, and AD reporting, as well as the language of the ad.

When submitting this material for Clearcast clearance, there is mandatory data needed, and data that is not needed. 

Mandatory information includes any visual or voice-over artists and BAME reporting, and uploading a script. The submission will not be submitted without this information. 

Optional metadata includes: previous submission ID (of relevant script/rough cut/clocked ads on CopyCentral), onscreen information, music details, and substantiation. If you have already submitted the substantiation for a claim in a previous stage, you don't need to add it here. You can also choose to submit the TVC for Fast Track if you wish.