The Library General FAQs

Why are we developing The Library system?

We’re always looking to streamline our processes and take advantage of technological advancements to improve the user experience. Now the industry is using The Library for final TVCs, and we’ve seen it in action, we’re ready to build on its success by combining all stages of clearance into one system. This will speed up workflows and result in a more efficient clearance process.

When will the switchover from CopyCentral to The Library (for all stages of clearance) happen? 

We’ll be switching the systems over from 5pm, Friday 16th August, to 9am, Tuesday 20th August,2024. During this time, you won’t be able to access any Clearance services on CopyCentral, or The Library

Why didn’t we move the whole clearance process into The Library at the same time?

The Library was initially built to make sure that the copy cleared was the copy aired and to provide additional services, including Delivery. Once launched, it became clear it could be extended to include the whole clearance process, which would help to streamline workflows for users.

I’m already registered to use The Library. Can I use my existing Library login details?

If you already have a Library log-in, you can continue to use it - you won’t need to re-register to use the new clearance area of the system.

I've never used The Library. How do I register?

If you only submit scripts through CopyCentral and therefore don’t currently use The Library, you can self-register ahead of time here. Your CopyCentral login won’t work in The Library. 

Will all of my previous ads in CopyCentral be copied over to The Library? 

We’ll be migrating five years' worth of data across to The Library, starting from January 2019. If you need to access anything from prior to this, then you should do so before the switchover takes place. Once the switchover has been completed, it will no longer be possible to access or use CopyCentral again.

Is clearance in The Library available on mobile devices? 

Yes, The Library system is mobile-friendly. 

Will the tech specs for rough cuts be the same as they were in CopyCentral?

No, we’ve added a new MP4 file to our tech spec guide, specifically for uploading rough cuts. You can find links to all the tech specs for each stage of the process here.

Will I be able to link all stages of a campaign (script, rough cut, and final TVC) together?

Yes, when creating a new submission in The Library, you’ll first need to create a campaign. This acts as a project folder which groups all relevant materials (scripts / rough cuts / final TVCs) together. For a full list of terms used throughout The Library, check out The Library glossary. 

Will teleshopping long-form submissions launch at the same time as short-form? 

Yes. Currently, The Library allows long-form final TVC uploads and once all stages of the clearance process have moved into The Library, it will also allow for long-form Rough Cut uploads too. You’ll need to do this as an MP4 file. We’ve added a new MP4 file to our tech spec guide, specifically for uploading rough cuts, which you can find here, alongside tech specs for all stages of the process. 

Do we still need to hit the ‘return to Clearcast’ button, as well as the send button?

No, The Library interface looks different to CopyCentral and there is no longer a ‘return to Clearcast’ button. Find out more about how to submit a material for clearance via the demo videos here.  

What does the ‘current assignee’ tab mean in The Library? 

The current assignee feature enables you to easily identify the individual responsible for working on a material at any given time, and also allows you to switch the role back and forth during any clearance stage. Typically, this involves a back-and-forth assignment process between your team and a Clearcast exec until the material is approved.