The Library General FAQs

What is The Library?

The Library, managed by Clearcast, is a central hub for storing final clocked, broadcast-quality TV and VOD ads. It runs full technical checks on ads to make sure they meet industry standards (DPP Delivery Standard) before sending them to CopyCentral for the usual checks on content and rules (BCAP Code).

This new clearance process makes sure that your ad is ready to go on air once it's cleared, and the content cleared is always the content aired. With The Library, you only need to upload your ad once, and then you're done.

When do I need to start using The Library?

We've been gradually getting agencies on board since 2022 and from 30 March 2023 all agencies should be using The Library. After that date, you won't be able to upload your final ads through CopyCentral. 

What can I do to join The Library?

To use The Library, a representative from your organisation needs to sign our T&Cs and get registered. Please contact to get these T&Cs sent to your agency. You can also check out our FAQs and file specs for more info.

What has changed? 

The basic process for getting ads approved hasn't changed. You still submit your script and rough-cut through CopyCentral. The main difference is that now, your final ad goes to The Library instead of CopyCentral.

Will this affect the existing Clearance process? And if so, how?

The way we clear ads has stayed mostly the same, especially during this gradual changeover. Your script and rough cut will still go through CopyCentral, and you'll still have your Clearcast contact guiding you through the process.

Your Stage 1 (Script) and Stage 2 (rough cut) versions of your ad will still go through CopyCentral, and you'll still have the same Clearcast contact guiding you through the process as before.

The main change is for stage three (TVC/clocked ads), which will now be uploaded to The Library. There will be different specs and your final ad will pass through slightly different Quality Checks, rather than the automatic transcoding system on CopyCentral. 

Although all clocked ads will need to be uploaded to The Library, a clocked version will also automatically be created in CopyCentral and cleared in the normal way through your normal account manager.

What are the benefits of The Library to the Clearance process?

The Library brings a range of improvements to the clearance process, such as:

  1. A single upload
  2. Automated technical checks on broadcast-ready ads with immediate results
  3. Less admin
  4. Centralised dashboards

Do I still need to use Clearcast’s CopyCentral system? 

Yes, CopyCentral is still where all communication and questions around clearance need to be completed and reviewed. Your final approval/restrictions will be available on the according material's page on The Library. 

Will I require a separate login? 

Yes, The Library is a new system and you'll require a separate login. Please contact to set up your agency and your user accounts. If your agency is already set up on The Library, please contact your Organisation Admin to add you directly themselves. 

If I want to amend my ad after it's been submitted, can I do this?

Once the copy has been accepted by The Library (I.E it has passed QC and is marked 'complete' in green), it can't be changed. This means that as soon as the QC has completed, the clock number is completely locked in. Any amendments will require a new ad to be submitted, no matter how seemingly minor. Remember, the clock number is attached that specific video - so new video means new clock number. 

How much will the new service cost? 

For standard clearance, there is no cost to use The Library. Optional services such as Fast Track, Edit to Clear, and TV Admin, are paid-for, and if you would like to know more about delivery through The Library, please contact the delivery team at

How do we make a submission during the changeover? 

Any new final ad submissions from the date your organisation has come on board will need to be made through The Library. However, you can still submit your scripts and rough-cuts through the CopyCentral system, as there are no changes to this part of the process. 

Are there different tech specs? 

The Library has a different QC process than CopyCentral, which makes sure the final clocked ad is as close to broadcaster specifications as possible.