How do I Use an MFA for The Library?

To access The Library, you'll need to install a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) app on your mobile device, PC, or Mac. Each user of The Library will need their own MFA. Make sure that that you log into your MFA account using the same email address associated with your Library account.

Whenever you use The Library, you'll need to have access to this MFA app. While you can set you main computer or device to remember your login details, The Library will prompt you to log in again every 30 days or so for added security. So it's important not to delete your MFA app or account. If you lose access to your MFA account or the device you access your MFA on, please let the helpdesk know. 

You can find a PDF on how to link your MFA account to your Library account here.

As always, if you would like us to talk you through downloading your MFA or logging into The Library for the first time (or the second, or the third!), we can be contacted at: 

Phone: 020 7339 4780