Interlacing Visual Issue

We've noticed rare cases of visual issues on files, such as frame blending/interlacing problems. These glitches seem to occur when adding voiceover to an edit that isn't in an interlaced project/timeline. To prevent these visual glitches, please make sure that your edit is always in an interlaced sequence when working on and exporting it.

Visual errors are also known to rarely occur when exporting via Adobe Premiere on MacOS. These errors could be due to the second field being replaced with random frames during export or video corruption within the legal video levels.

We highly recommend visually checking all edits before sending them to Clearcast, as current QC systems are unable to detect certain visual glitches and a reclock/redelivery may be required if a visual glitch is flagged up down the line, especially via the stations.

It's also advisable to clear all media cache after updating Adobe Premiere to a new version or after updating your OS.