Our Consultants

It's the responsibility of broadcasters to obtain adequate evidence to support all claims in TV advertising. Clearcast collects and reviews the claim support on behalf of broadcasters.

As well as making their own assessment of claim support, Clearcast may refer support documentation to one of the panel of consultants. Their role is to investigate evidence and advise Clearcast on the extent to which claims are supportable where the claims are of a highly technical nature and requires specialist assessment. Their investigations are conducted in confidence and under the strict understanding that data provided to them is commercially sensitive.

Many of Clearcast’s consultants have past experience from advertising companies, a background that is particularly useful to understand the advertising process and requirements for claim support. Clearcast has addressed all issues related to confidentiality and conflict of interest with its consultants.

Advertisers and their agencies should be aware that if a consultant’s advice is required, the consultant will review material as quickly as possible but it will add to the time that it will take to comment on or approve scripts.

Advertisers are offered the opportunity to meet with Clearcast consultants to discuss future or on-going submissions. The meetings are held on an ad hoc basis. For more information, please visit our Meet the Consultants section. Please note that this is a premium service and as such charges apply. Not all consultants are available for Meet The Consultant sessions.