Ad Clearance Process Overview

Ad clearance plays a vital role in ensuring that advertising content meets regulatory standards and guidelines. By undergoing a thorough clearance process, advertisers can safeguard against potential legal issues, uphold industry integrity, and maintain consumer trust. This process not only verifies the accuracy and appropriateness of ad content but also ensures adherence to advertising codes and regulations, ultimately contributing to a fair and responsible advertising landscape.

Key stages


  1. Log into CopyCentral here, click the ‘forgotten password’ link to create your own unique password. (CopyCentral user guides are linked at the bottom of this email.)
  2. Submit a script of the ad.
  3. Our script template can be found here, alongside our other forms.
  4. Additionally submit any supporting data which supports any claims within your script (we’ll let you know if we need any more evidence from you after looking at the script.)
  5. We aim to feedback to you in three days after receiving a script or supporting data.
  6. On average script approval takes two weeks. The longer you leave for clearance the better.
  7. Once your script is approved, move onto Stage Two.


  1. Create a new submission for Stage Two on CopyCentral
  2. Submit a rough-cut version of the ad.
  3. On average approval takes two working days if you’ve stuck to the approved script and there aren’t any technical problems with the upload.
  4. Once your rough-cut is approved, move onto Stage Three.


  1. Login into The Library here and downloaded the app on your device.
  2. You will need to use the multi factor authentication to login.
  3. Create a new ‘campaign’ and within this create a new ‘material’.
  4. Submit a final clocked version of the ad.
  5. On average approval takes two working days.
  6. Once your clocked ad is approved, you ad is now cleared! You will see the approval on both CopyCentral and The Library. You can now deliver your ad to the stations you’ve booked airtime with.

Overview of ad clearance stages

Understanding the ad clearance process is essential for navigating the intricacies of broadcasting regulations and ensuring the smooth transmission of advertising content. The process typically unfolds in three key stages: script clearance, rough-cuts clearance, and final clearance.

During script clearance, advertisers submit their ad scripts for review, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and substantiating any claims made within the advertisement. The next stage involves submitting rough-cut versions of the ad, allowing for further evaluation of visual elements and adherence to approved scripts. Finally, the ad undergoes a comprehensive review in its final form, ensuring technical specifications are met and confirming compliance with broadcasting regulations.

By following these stages diligently, advertisers can streamline the clearance process and mitigate the risk of delays or non-compliance issues. Each stage plays a crucial role in shaping the final approved advertisement, reflecting a commitment to integrity and regulatory compliance in the advertising industry.

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