Clearance in The Library FAQs

Why are we developing The Library system?

We’re always looking to streamline our processes and take advantage of technological advancements so we can improve the user experience. Now the industry has moved over to The Library for final TVCs, and we’ve seen it in action, we are ready to build on its success by combining all stages of clearance into one system. This will result in a more efficient clearance process.

Why didn’t we move the whole clearance process into The Library at once?

The Library was initially built to make sure that the copy cleared was the copy aired and to provide additional services, including Delivery. Once launched, it became clear it could be extended to include the whole clearance process, streamlining workflows for users.

I'm already registered to use The Library, can I use my existing Library login details?

If you already have a Library log-in, you can carry on using it and - you won’t need to re-register to use the new clearance area of the system when it launches.

I've never used The Library. How do I register?

If you only submit scripts through CopyCentral and therefore, don’t use The Library currently, you can self-register ahead of time here. Your usual clearance contact or our Helpdesk will be able to help with any issues.