Attribution File Specifications

Everything you need to submit ads in the right format

When you submit an ad for clearance, it’s important you use a file format we can recognise and work with. This ensures we’re able to provide clearance as quickly as possible — so you can get your ad to air.

Case files

The CASE file specification is the standard way to exchange TV campaign schedule data in the UK and Ireland.

Inbound attribution data files

The inbound attribution data file specification is used to send data to our attribution service.

Inbound sponsorship data files

The inbound sponsorship data file specification is used to send us data relating to specific sponsorship events.

Outbound attribution data files

The outbound attribution data file format is used to publish attribution data for commercial copy numbers added to the database during a single week. 

Global sponsorship identifiers

These standard sponsorship global identifiers are used at the start of sponsorship codes.