The Clearcast Library - Terms & Conditions

We have two platforms for full clearance: CopyCentral for your scripts and rough cuts, and then The Library for your TVCs/final cuts. Each has a separate T&Cs to be completed in order to register with Clearcast.

If you’ve been working with us a while you might have only signed the CopyCentral terms, and not The Library terms, in which case, you’ll need to sign up to The Library to keep on clearing ads through us.

The terms need to be signed by a person of authority within your organisation - they will then nominate users who will have individual accounts within the organisation, and so will have their own log-ins. 

Please don’t sign the PDF below and send it to us directly as we need the contracts to be completed, signed, and returned to us via our contract-managing platform. Contact us at to get started.

These are the most up-to-date versions of our Terms and Conditions. We do not offer bespoke contracts or amendments. If you have queries about any of the wording, contact us.

Please contact us if you’re an existing agency/advertiser needing to be onboarded to The Library, or go to Register Here if you’re a new organisation. 

The Library Terms and Conditions: 

Clearcast Library Terms October 2022.pdf

CopyCentral Terms and Conditions:

CopyCentral Systems Terms 2022.pdf