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Mark Stuart Smith

Following graduation, Mark Stuart Smith has worked in various chemistry related posts. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and holds the designations of Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist and has served on various committees.

Mark is an independent consultant dealing with sustainability, health, safety, and environment including related analytical methods.

During his professional practice he has determined detergent residues in waters and sewage as well as measuring their fate in the environment. He has also dealt with bio-degradation of detergents and disinfectants as well as microbiological and pathogen resistance on different surfaces and materials, this has included biofilm formation.

Mark was the Water and Land Research Programme Manager for the then Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions. During that time he was involved in drinking water consumption and customer perception surveys. As well as inspecting for the Drinking Water Inspectorate, he provided expert advice on analysis and emergencies.

He acts as a referee for various international journals covering areas of chemistry, materials science, biology and microbiology. He has also edited and contributed to various books.

Dr. Chris Gummer

After 21 years as a senior technologist with Procter & Gamble Research & Development, Chris is now working for his own consultancy (Cider Solutions).

He has extensive experience in copy claim development and claim substantiation with some of the world’s leading consumer brands. His experience ranges from fundamental research, hands-on development of data and methods, through to copy development and product credentialing. Importantly, he has extensive experience in working with the Clearcast (formerly BACC) and the ASA from the position of an advertiser. He is a widely published and quoted author.

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