NOG 24. Homeworking scheme


Homeworking scheme advertisements must neither mislead the audience nor exploit the susceptibilities or credulity of those seeking work.


Homeworking schemes are employment opportunities requiring participants to make articles, perform services or offer facilities at or from home. Participants can be self-employed or employed by a business.


24.1 Advertisements must not give a misleading impression of how homeworking schemes work or of the likely remuneration. Advertisements must make clear conditions, obligations or limitations that could reasonably be expected to influence a decision to participate in the scheme.

24.2 No homeworking scheme may be advertised:

  1. 24.2.1 if a charge or deposit is required to obtain information about the scheme
  2. 24.2.2 Television only – if it involves a charge for raw materials or components or
  3. 24.2.3 Television only – if the advertiser offers to buy goods made by the homeworker.