Why am I not Receiving Notifications from The Library?

If you're experiencing issues receiving notifications from either The Library or CopyCentral, it could be because of the following:

  • You have registered on The Library with a different email address than the one you had on CopyCentral 
    This means you would receive Library notifications, but no CopyCentral notifications when you submit a material for clearance. Instead, the system will select the next available super user to receive notifications for that material. In order to fix this, please email help@clearcast.co.uk as we will need to update your CopyCentral user to ensure it mirrors your Library user.
  • The team you have created your material under on The Library, you do not have access to on CopyCentral 
    A team permissions mismatch across systems can mean you have the access to submit under that team on The Library but would then not have that access on CopyCentral, meaning you won't be able to see your submissions on CopyCentral and won't receive the email notifications (this instead goes to the first team member in the drop down). In this scenario, please contact your super user so they can grant you access to that team, or email help@clearcast.co.uk
  • Your email server is marking the emails as junk/spam 
    Please check your junk folder for emails and if they're still not there contact your IT department to whitelist our domains - '@copycentral.co.uk' and '@clearcast.co.uk'.