The Clearcast Library

What is The Library?

The Clearcast Library is a centralised library of final clocked, broadcast-quality TV and VOD ads for final clearance, where the asset will go through a full Quality Check (with multiple QC stages) for broadcast. It's closely linked with the existing CopyCentral system, where all scripts and rough-cuts will be uploaded and your execs will see your submission as a whole. 

Broadcast-ready videos will be used for clearance, so that the content cleared is always the content aired, saving you valuable time down the line. With The Library, you can upload an asset once and never have to touch it again.

While The Library has affected where you upload your final clocked ad and its related metadata, the core structure of ad clearance remains unchanged, with CopyCentral continuing to be the home of scripts and rough-cuts.

When do I need to start using The Library?

All agencies should have onboarded to The Library by 30th March 2023, but if you still haven't onboarded and would like to use the platform, please email Please note that CopyCentral no longer accepts uploads of final edits/TVCs.

What can I do to be ready for The Library?

To use The Library, a person of authority in your organisation will need to sign our T&Cs which are available either on request.

You can also take a look at useful materials like our FAQs and file specs below. For those of you keen to learn even more about this exciting new system and the benefits it will bring to the advertising industry, please visit our Help Centre.

And finally, if you haven’t already done so, please watch our webinar (first played on Tuesday 15th March 2022), which includes an Introduction to The Library, the benefits it will bring, a demo, and Q&As.

The Library Webinar

The Library Webinar (Subtitled)

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