Want to Ensure your Ad is BCAP-Compliant?

Our clearance process is made up of three stages that run alongside the production of an ad.

Approval at each stage happens in one of our two systems, CopyCentral and The Library.

1 Pre-production in CopyCentral (Script)

2 Post-production in CopyCentral (Rough Cut)

3 Final clocked ad in The Library (Final Cut)

For a deeper dive into our ad clearance process, please see our article here

If you haven't already produced your ad, our initial scripting stage will ensure that your ad is compliant with the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code) and other relevant regulations, including the Ofcom Broadcasting Code before the production process.

If you're ad is already made, simply submit it (both Script and Rough Cut stages) and we'll conduct an internal audit to ensure it complies with the Code.

If approval is granted

If the ad meets these standards, Clearcast will grant approval and the advertiser can then broadcast the ad on any UK television channel.

If approval is denied

In cases where the ad does not meet the standards, Clearcast will provide feedback and suggest changes that can be made to ensure compliance. 

To help ensure your rough cut is accepted by CopyCentral, we've included our technical specifications for the portal here. For Online Forms, Clearance Templates and Clearcast Approval Timeframes (SLAs), please see our 'Helpful Advice' section here.

But if you still need answers, simply get in touch with our team.