Webinar: Get ready for Clearance in The Library

Webinar: Get ready for Clearance in The Library

At the start of the year, we let you know about our plans to combine all stages of clearance into The Library for a more efficient end-to-end workflow. 

To help you prepare, we’re inviting you to a free 30 minute training webinar which we’ll run at 11am on Tuesday 21st May and Thursday 6th June. 

This is a chance for agencies and advertisers to prepare ahead of the switchover from CopyCentral to The Library for the pre-production stage of clearance.

You’ll get a full system demo of the pre-production clearance process and a sneak peek into the new and improved features that will speed up your workflows.

Whether you already use The Library (for your final TVCs), or you’ve never used the system before (you use CopyCentral for scripts/rough cuts), this webinar is an absolute must for you. 

Book your place on either date below and if you have any questions, just get in touch. 

Tuesday 21st May

Thursday 6th May